Our staff realizes the value of parent-teacher cooperation in the greater understanding of your child. We encourage parents to attend special school events and to visit the school in session to share with us any personal talents (musical instrument, story telling) that the children would enjoy. We schedule parent-teacher conferences in January and February as well as throughout the year as needed. We invite the parents to our special occasions: a Halloween party and parade, a December holiday music concert, a drama performance, a dance recital, a spring Parents Breakfast with music concert and an end of the year family picnic in June.

The Kendall School staff consists of a director, an assistant director, a lead teacher for each class and assistant teachers. All of our lead teachers are experienced in the early childcare education field. They are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Early Childhood Education) and a teaching certificate from The Department of Early Education and Care. All teachers and staff are certified in First Aid and CPR. The staff information packets containing individual teacher profiles are distributed in September at the Open House and available throughout the school year.

staff_circle-time-photoWe have specialty teachers at Kendall School as well. They teach some of the afternoon language and dance classes. Our pianist accompanies the children each morning during Music Circle. Also, we often have college and high school students helping at the school while fulfilling their student teaching and community service commitments.

The entire staff at Kendall School possesses a keen understanding and sincere love for children along with a dedication for working together with families. This combination is essential in making a successful pre-school experience for the whole family.